Romeo & Juliet

“Here’s much to do with hate, but more with love…”

Two star-crossed youths meet, fall for each other and meet their tragic ends over the course of three hot, violent days. Full of gorgeous poetry and devastating ferocity, Shakespeare’s timeless story of the dazzling beauty of love and the terrible power of hate comes alive in a film version of a reading where the extraordinary language of the text takes precedence.

NOW AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC AT NO COST! Follow this link to see the show!


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romeo & juliet

It's Greek to Me

What do you actually know about Greek theatre? For this filmed project, students learned the actual history of Greek Theatre, discovering that the Greeks were not, in fact, the first people to "do theatre." Students selected scenes and monologues from the Oedipus cycle and performed those selections along with personal responses (in creative form) that examine their own connection to or disconnection from the material. Performers speak back to Sophocles from 2020, examining the lasting legacy of the great myth of Greek theatre. The film includes cast members performing both their Greek selections and their own creative responses.


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it's greek to me


A response to The Devil’s Highway by Luis Alberto Urrea – the story of how a large group of men attempted to cross the border from Mexico into the U.S. via “The Devil’s Highway” a 120 mile desert track from Sonoyta, Mexico to San Luis, Arizona. This is an unflinching look at the chaos and danger on America’s southern border and the ways that our policies, from administration to administration, can have far-reaching implications for the lives of millions of people on either side of that border. Borderlands will examine the crisis on our southern borders; what it means for a nation to have borders in a global world, the changing nature of immigration and what it means to be an American and, crucially, who gets to decide what, “being an American” really means.


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Poster showing man walking across desert.

Dream With Me

TheatreUNI will produce Dream With ME - a student driven, devised, multimedia, filmed theatrical work about the varied yet related events of 2020 including but not limited to:  the pandemic, isolation, race and power, climate change, natural disaster, etc. In order to guide the creative process, we will be utilizing and exploring genres of storytelling such as Hip Hop Theatre, Documentary Theatre, Theatre of the Oppressed and Theatre for Social Change. The intention of Dream with ME is to further our commitment to an inclusive and equitable world while highlighting how theatre can inspire our community and incite change.


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dream with me